Skyrivers Jewelry

Creations by Nadine Zenobi

Welcome to Skyrivers Jewelry site!

This is intended to be an introduction and sampling of what I create in jewelry design.

Each day I am in my studio and work on creating new pieces all the time. Please check in with me to inquire about what is new.

Some of these pieces have been sold and the ones that have a price listed are still available for purchase.

If you are interested in ordering either a custom made piece or one that is similar to what you see on this website, please contact me. We can discuss what you would like and I can send pictures from what I have or concepts of what I can create for you.

Each piece is a fabricated work of art, working directly with the metals  and gem stones. I saw, solder, applique, overlay, forge and use mixed metals to create a piece that is all it's own. One of a kind!

I've had the pleasure and honor of working with Native American teachers who have guided me through the depth of my work, from the nature and healing energy of the stones to the use of metals.

I also love custom working to make wedding rings, to remove stones from old rings (or use your stones) and create something new and special or just gather information of your vision and create a beautiful jewelry piece just for you.

Contact me at or call 919-960-6968 or 919-619-8120