Sterling Silver, quartz and tourmoline crystals $990

"Dance of the Ocean" Whale Shield

Silver, rainbow moonstone and Mexican opal

Silver and jasper earrings

""Night Flight"


14K gold, silver and rainbow moonstone

Silver and bruneau jasper   $295


Sterling Silver  $ 840

Silver and bruneau jasper $320

Silver, lapis and howlite earrings  $778

14K and 18K Gold

with green turquoise and pearl earrings


"In love"

Silver, 14K gold and watermelon tourmaline

"Wisdom of the Night"

Sterling Silver and moonstone

Silver, pearl and Green turquoise earrings



Sterling Silver and kunzite

"The Wisdom of Awareness"

"Earth Water Fire Air"

Silver, 14K Gold and Mexican opal

"Wolf, Cougar totem pendant"

14K gold and Silver and rainbow moonstone

Silver, howlite and Chinese writing stone earrings

"The Flow"

Sterling Silver, druzy chrysocolla, paua shell $1230